Era: Lyres – Map of Yarnolth and Map of the Kingdom Available now from DriveThruRPG!

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As a Lyre, one of the “big damn heroes” of the kingdom of Yarnolth, you’ve definitely travelled all over the Kingdom of Yarnolth, right? Right?

Okay, so you aren’t actually a hero, so you didn’t do the travelling thing, but you still need to know every detail, in case someone asks. Enter the map of the Kingdom of Yarnolth! Every major town and city in the entire kingdom is listed, with a handy compass to make sure you never get East and West confused in the middle of your story again!

That’s available from DriveThruRPG now:–Map-of-the-Kingdom-of-Yarnolth

But there’s more!

What if you also need to keep track of which pubs you can go to again, and which ones have patrons who are getting wise to you? What if you need to remember where it’s safe to sleep on the street, or where those pesky boys are that keep stealing your trousers, so you can avoid them?

That’s the job of the Map of Yarnolth! Inherited from a previous Lyre (we don’t ask what happened to him…!), this has all of the information you need about the city to stay alive and keep your honour intact!

That’s also available from DriveThruRPG now:–Map-of-the-City-of-Yarnolth

Don’t miss out on these two awesome maps for one of our most-loved games!

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