Era: Silence Soundscapes and Extras available now on the SoV Store!

Hi everyone!

A double entry for Era: Silence today as we offer the Soundscapes and the Extras on the SoV Store for the first time!

The soundscapes were created by Leo Cosh and directed by Ed Jowett (me!) in order to enhance the experience of playing Era: Survival. With one for most of the challenges, you can set them to play on loop while the group attempt to solve the particular challenge they are facing!

This adds to the immersion and ambience that is offered by the game, particularly as the players will be talking a minimal amount!

Era: Silence has proven a popular game, and a lot of people want to go beyond the basic adventure on the Isle of Silence. We’re therefore offering a pack of materials which help you reach beyond the basic level!

It contains campaign seeds, additional challenges and more, so it’s well worth a look for anyone who wants more out of Era: Silence!

– Ed