Era: Survival Kickstarter – The Sisterhood of Pyrus Source Book

Hi everyone!

The Era: Survival – Expansions into the Unknown Kickstarter [ ] is continuing to go really well! We just finished the first week and we’re all really excited about how much potential the project has!

Today, I’m talking to you about the Sisterhood of Pyrus, one of the most powerful Factions in Era: Survival. The Sisterhood operates by taking over and renovating Vaults beneath the surface of Gaia.

6 - Sisterhood of Pyrus

Their culture is based around enforced religion, one many people accept to be allowed inside. Despite the name, there are also men in the Sisterhood; they simply are unable to reach the highest caste within society.

The Sisterhood of Pyrus boasts some of the best technicians on Gaia, many of which are Wise Ones, capable of controlling the advanced ancient technology.

The Sisterhood of Pyrus will weather the Infection and continue civilisation. Join them with the faction Source Book, one of the Stretch Goals from our Era: Survival – Expansions into the Unknown Kickstarter [ ]!

Will You Survive?

– Ed