Era: Survival Kickstarter – University of Planet Source Book

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Today, I’m talking about the University of Planet, arguably the most advanced faction of Humanity on Gaia.

They don’t believe in contact with the outside world. Instead, they work within the secluded and sealed Base 9, seldom allowing anyone in or out. They face frequent attacks from both Infected and Raiders – the latter believe there must be something of great value inside for the University of Planet to protect so fiercely.

01 - Base 9

Until now, both types of attack have been unsuccessful, repelled by automated weaponry and well-equipped troops of a type Gaia doesn’t usually present.

The scientists of the University are working to create a cure for Infection. Within Base 9, they have had nearly 100 years of working towards the goal. They don’t care for the rest of Humanity, remaining isolated and concentrating on their work to save the species.

7 - University of Planet

This Source Book offers special equipment and armour, new Character Creation options, such as Base 9 defectors and much more.

Step into the advanced technology of Base 9 and use it to face the horrors of Gaia. Even with these resources, the question remains…

Will You Survive?

– Ed