Era: Survival Kickstarter – Vault Hunters Source Book

Hi everyone!

The Era: Survival – Expansions into the Unknown Kickstarter [ ] is still ongoing. Don’t miss your chance to join in the expansion of one of our most popular universes!

Today, I’m talking about the Vault Hunters Source book.

Vault Hunters come in all shapes and sizes. Some are survivalists, some are expert engineers and some are just strong enough to break down anything in their way.

Together, they can make an excellent team, and several parts of the Core Rulebook are devoted to exactly that sort of Campaign.

The Vault Hunters Source Book will offer new Character Creation options, rare and specialised equipment for entering and using the systems within vaults, as well as a number of examples of vault layouts and the sorts of technology you’re likely to come across.

6 - Thrown Combat

With this source book, you’ll be prepared for any type of vault you may encounter, from a community that escaped the destruction to an abandoned military facility crammed full of gear!

The question, though, with any entry into a Vault is always…

Will You Survive?

– Ed