Era: The Consortium about to expand significantly…

Hi everyone!

I’m taking over from Amy today to give you some insight into what’s happening in the Consortium universe right now.

We have brought some serious industry veterans on board and agreed projects with them to work on. We’re going to bring you not one Consortium expansion on our next Kickstarter, but multiple, giving you the chance to pledge for one level and gain everything in Digital format, and at another level for everything in Physical format.

It’s intended that as more people back and the level of funding rises, everyone gets more for their money, more expansions are produced…

…and the Consortium universe grows.

I have no less than 10 Expansions intended for near-future creation, and 18 ideas in total (without really thinking too hard, these are all things I’ve wanted to do for a while!). From Psionics and Immersive Hacking to “Free Trading” (ahem, piracy!), to details on the Resistance and the background of the races… we have loads more to offer.

We’re aiming to begin this Kickstarter in mid-September (we want to have cleared up Silence and Lacuna first!).

I’m really excited about what’s coming and I hope that you feel the same!

– Ed


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