C&C: Colonisation and Construction

Founding and Domain:

Founded in 4CE, at the formation of the Consortium, C&C: Colonisation and Construction builds and maintains many of the Consortium’s proudest assets: the Senate building, the Big Eights’ headquarters buildings on Taranis, the architectural marvels of Nodens and the biodomes on every world. As and when expansion occurs and new construction is needed, they are always at the centre of it.

In order to maximise construction efficiency, they have perfected a method of dropping buildings from huge, custom-built spacecraft in orbit of a planet. They construct their buildings on their starships and space stations, removing gravitational influences from their work. With the aid of Ximian scientists, they have developed a chemical, based on Ximian organic resins, with which they coat the buildings for atmospheric entry and drop them, tethered to the ships for control.

Most buildings in the Consortium follow a standardised design, though customisations can be made – for a price. This technology has allowed large profits for the company and reduced labour costs, as zero-gravity construction is easier than working within a strong gravitational well. Much of their profit comes from the maintenance of constructions, for which they also have responsibility. This is particularly
true on Verbeia, where it is legally required that all biodomes are checked by certified personnel at regular intervals. In more recent years, some projects have been taken away from C&C: Colonisation and Construction, particularly those on Belisama. This has not had a significant impact on the profits of the company, but it is a general embarrassment for them.

Executive Structure:

C&C: Colonisation and Construction is run in the way a conventional company is run, unlike most of the rest of the Big Eight: the identity of the company officers, and what their responsibilities are is public knowledge. They pride themselves on their openness and honesty in this regard, as well as the fact that they are proof that a company doesn’t have to be run in an eccentric manner in order to be successful. Their operational headquarters, Britannia, is a giant construction station in orbit of Verbeia.


They have a long-standing relationship with the Mining Conglomerate, with whom they have shared both success and disgrace over the history of the Consortium. They also work closely with Hardcastle Haulage, who transport most of their materials from their factories on Verbeia to other locations. In the Big Eight, they are seen as expansionists with little regard to the consequences – their colonisation of each of Nodens and Luxovius without permission are seen as typical examples of their impetuousness.

Amongst the Big Eight, although they have been expansionist to the extreme in the past, now that the available number of planets within reasonable distance is almost exhausted, they have relaxed this attitude.