Era: The Empowered Update 10 – Core Rulebook Beta Readers!

Hi everyone!

Great news today! I’ve had several volunteers for Beta Readers for the Era: The Empowered Core Rulebook.

Of course, that means that all of the proofreading and indexing is also done, and I’d like to publicly thank our QA team – Hande and Calyie – for their swift and efficient work!

The Beta Readers have agreed to read through the book (which has lost 2 pages of unused index space and therefore fallen to 298!) within 2 weeks and provide me with comments. That will give me time to action them, and for Keith to finish the artwork.

There is still quite a lot of artwork to do, and it remains the largest risk to the August delivery date. I’ll keep you informed, but at the moment we’re still hoping to complete them before we run out of time.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions!

– Ed