Expansions are getting frightening – The Oracle

There’s something inherently scary about science fiction, wouldn’t you agree? All that cold, endless space with nothing to protect you from death save for a bit of mechanical ingenuity. It’s the perfect setting for a horror game and I’m not the only one who thinks so. Quite a few of you have been asking for a bit more scare with your sci-fi.

Well, Ed has heard your request and he’s come up with an answer. This last weekend, he and John sat down to write out a chilling hybrid of our two most popular games. This latest expansion will be an Era: Survival style horror set in the world of Era: The Consortium.

Along with making this game properly creepy, Ed is also going to approach the styling of it a bit differently. He’s planning to include detailed maps of a Mining Conglomerate Mining Vessel in with this book as well. I’ve seen some of the early images and it looks great. I think it will give the expansion a much more immersive environment to play.

Altogether, this game is still very much bare bones and has just begun to get fleshed out but I will be keeping tabs on this one and will let you know the minute we’ve got something solid to show you.

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