Getting Ready To Send Out Marked For Death!

Things are moving along very fast in the world of Marked for Death. Now that the Kickstarter has ended we’re getting ready to print and ship out copies to our backers just as soon as the funds are released. We’re excited to be bringing you another game designed by one of our independent creators. If you’ve got a great story to tell and would like some help getting your game off the ground don’t hesitate to contact us. We’ve worked with RPG’s at every level of completion from almost done to only a fabulous concept.

In other game news; Frontier is currently working on the fine-tuning of its armor mechanics. We want to make sure that it all works together with the rule system that Ed has designed. There has been a slight delay with our Eden game due to a situation that developed with our creator. We hope everything works out for them and that work can resume as soon as possible. That’s it for big news this week, I hope to have more details soon.

Until next week!

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