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I can hear some of you thinking to yourself. “Aren’t those guys at Shades of Vengeance only creating more games and expansions because they just love making games?” Well let me tell you something. You’re half right. We love making games, it’s really why we bother to get up in the morning at all but if there was no one to enjoy these games with us we’d be incredibly sad. Frankly, you don’t want to see any of us like that. We’re no fun at all. Which is why we need you to come and enjoy these games with us!

So here I am to let you know that after a long wait and a ton of hard work, Era: The Consortium’s first expansion, The Secret War, is running on Kickstarter right now. Would you like to know the best part? It’s already over 100% funded! In less than 24 hours you’ve helped us reach our first funding goal which is amazing and also encouraging. Thank you to everyone who supported us. Of course if you’re a regular fan you’ll know that we won’t stop here.

Ed will be recording a podcast at various times during the event, talking about his thoughts and feelings on the Kickstarter, life in general, that sort of thing… and will post it at the end of January. There are reviews coming as well as more press releases: we’re throwing everything we’ve got at this. Ed also has plans for some big stretch goals and I know you’re going to love them. He’s got a Player’s Guide, Bonus Session, Stiletto Unit models, and the Fifth Race all lined up and ready to go. I used to collect models like the ones he’s creating for Stiletto Unit and would love to have them join my eclectic bunch.

If we’re going to make it to these other goals we’re going to need more help. We need to spread the word about this game and hopefully you’ll do that with us. Do you know people who would like a game like this? Let them know, send them a message or drop a hint.

Keep checking back ‘cuz we’re just getting started!


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