Going Forward on Silence and a Brand New Game – The Oracle

Today I have loads of information to pass along to you. Ed has been diligently working in several areas all at once and things are coming together in quick fashion.

First up, Era: Silence. All you lucky folks in the UK can have a little celebration because printing  is now complete in your neck of the woods! My friends in the US, we will all have to wait a bit more as the process is still pending but rest assured that fulfilment will be happening soon. Dot the T’s and cross the I’s, all that jazz.

Now that we have another game done and out into the world it’s just about time to start a new one, am I right? Ed has come up with another Pocket Game idea and this one is going to be set in the modern world. Now before you start wondering where we’ve lost our minds I’ll just tell you that this game will also involve some pretty amazing psychic or magic-like abilities. I don’t know any more than that right now but can I just say that if there’s a chance to include fireballs… I want that. There are very few times when a fireball can’t solve your problems.

This new game isn’t the only one we’re going to be working on. The lead writers for Era: Empowered, Ed and John, are working on a style guide for the rest of the writers so we can head back to creating more stories for that universe. You can get a little preview of the direction we’ll be heading when you check out our Lacuna and Penumbra comics.

For all you Lacuna fans, I’ve got good news. Ed’s just waiting on a few more colored pages and then we’ll be ready to launch! Can’t wait to see it all put together.

That’s it for me, see you next time!

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