Introducing Era: Legends – The Oracle

Last week I hinted that I would be discussing a new game today, did you guess that I’d be talking about Era: Legends? Congratulations to those of you that did. Your superfan status has been confirmed.

As I mentioned last time, this game is being created by Ed Jowett and Freddie Rawlins (contributor to Era: Survival’s creation). It will be a full Core Rulebook with all the rules and tools you’ll need to explore this new world where Vampires, Werewolves, and Witches rule over Humans in their own designated territories.

Humans have started to realize the truth of what’s happening and this is where things are going to start to get interesting. The humans have started an Inquisition which seeks to wipe out all the supernatural races. There is also a new religion, Haven, which is working to eliminate the Witches. This sets the world of the game into motion as all factions work to survive.

The setting of the game will include abandoned cities and underground caverns that you can explore. You’ll have to get into some tight spaces if you want to complete your assigned quests and get paid!

You can play as any one of the races, each of which will come with their own unique Talents. Ed and Freddie have developed a brand new Talent Tree system which is going to help you on your way to growing those important skills. You’ll need more than individual talent of course and the game will allow you to team up with other races in order to face massive threats!

There’s so much more to this game and in the coming weeks I hope to have more details and perhaps even a piece of art or two as it gets closer to production.

Head back here on Saturday for another Era: The Consortium Expansion Spotlight!