Introducing: The Era Zone

Hi everyone!

We’ve said for a long time that we believe in supporting all of our games – putting the books out is only the first step of game creation.

The Era Zone is our response to Kickstarter’s Zine Quest: a 28-page Zine which will be available in both Digital and Physical formats. Inside every issue, we’re offering materials to support every one of our Era games, from Era: The Consortium to Era: Balam (and Era: The Chosen as soon as it’s published).

We’re aiming to put this up on Kickstarter on 1st February (for the Zine Quest event I mentioned earlier) and we hope you’ll support it, because we’re trying to fund 4 issues for this year alone.

As a quick “sneak peek”, you can expect the details for the multi-table session we’re running at CON-Tingency next week, new taverns for Era: Lyres and a phenomenal 3-session adventure for Era: Survival, so don’t miss out on this brand new material for your favourite game!

I’ll hope to see you there!

– Ed