Is the Secret War the end of the Consortium? – The Oracle

Not a chance! As we enter the last two weeks of our Kickstarter for the Secret War I want to take a moment and reassure everyone that this is only just the beginning of what we have scheduled for the Consortium. Ed has plans for two more expansions after this and the next one coming up is going to be a big one.

Expansion 2 introduces a new species; the Pliangrathilon. Several weeks back we gave you a small glimpse into what their homeworld looks like. If you’ve forgotten, I’ll give you a hint… think cold, desolate, and rocky. It might not sound cozy to you and me, but the Pliangrathilon love it. I’ve been tasked with writing a few stories for this expansion and I’m getting eager to start fleshing out their world.

Besides all these new expansions coming out you can also expect to see an Era: The Consortium book at some point. Working title will be “Consortium 2” and it’s going to follow the history that we’ve laid out so far and on into the future. Ed already has plans for most of what will be happening and I hope he’ll share more of that soon.

I’ll be back next week with more news and updates!


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