Kickstarter, Playtest and a Brand New Game – The Oracle

We’re entering the final stretch of preparations for the Order of the Link Kickstarter. All our fingers and toes are crossed so with any luck that should go live some time next week. Keep your eyes peeled for a chance to grab this game!

Along with prepping for the Kickstarter, Ed made time last week for a playtest of Marked for Death with the game’s creator. The whole group had a great time. If one round of explosives can take out your target then six should be plenty, right? We won’t mention that it also took out the entire building he was in. It was the only way to be sure!

At the same time that you’re reading this post, Ed is in the middle of a meeting with Brendan Geiger; the creator behind our new game “Frontier”. They’re working to simplify the rules as much as possible while still maintaining playability. They are also discussing the game’s setting. There’s so much to decide in these early stages but I’ll get any and all details to you when I find them.

Until next time!

– A

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