Kickstarter Review – The Oracle

Well it’s that time again. We get to kick back and celebrate after a successful Kickstarter event! Thank you to all of our fabulous fans and all the brand new followers who are joining us for the first time. Your support is incredible and we truly love making great games for you all to enjoy.

The event ended with a massive number of folks, over 200 backers, who pledged an average of £5 each even though the digital edition was offered at just £1! Your assistance helped us reach well over our initial goal and together we achieved many of the added Stretch goals. The comments section was bursting at the seams with creative ideas for memorable monsters and extraordinary equipment. Ed and I will be cataloguing every demon possessed doll, living tombstone, and invisible cloak for possible additions. Stay tuned to find out where we go from here.

On to the bit you’ve been waiting for… Rewards News! First off, you can expect to see the Hall of Heroes go up fairly soon on our webpage so keep a look out. For those of you who are looking forward to delivery of the digital version of this game, you can expect that to be available in 2 weeks. Everyone who’s put in for the physical version will need to wait a bit longer because of the added printing times. I can’t give you a definitive date on that just yet but I will tell you that the proof copy looks fantastic. I think the team did a great job of getting everything you need to play the game down to a size that’s easy to carry around and yet still has the same flare and style of the full edition. You’re really going to love it. I’ll have more updates as we get closer to delivery so check back each week for details.

If you missed out on the Era: Lyres Pocket edition Kickstarter or you know someone who should absolutely get in on this, I’ve got good news. Ed is offering this edition via the Kickstarter PayPal Option Page for the next 2 weeks for those who want to join!

That’s it for me, I’ll be back next time with more gaming news!


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