Kickstarter Update and possibly a New Game! – The Oracle

First off, I want to let everyone know that all of our current projects are running smoothly. Frontier has received some new rule set ideas from a brainstorming session that Ed was in and now those ideas are being perfected. Marked for Death has some new art and you should definitely check it out. You can find two new images on the slider here. We’re also in talks with another game developer about a new Fate module game. I don’t know much more than that right now but I’ll work on getting details for next weeks updates.

While you’re waiting for our new games to get finished don’t forget about Amazing Space Adventures. This game is polished, prepped and ready to play. You can find it in our store and we’ll be bringing it with us to the next convention we attend. Variety is the spice of life they say, so take a chance on something new this week.

Last but certainly not least, the Order of the Link Kickstarter is over 200% funded with 50 backers! We are staring down the barrel of our first Stretch Goal. We’ve got plenty of time left to make some big things happen for this game, so go on and give it a look.

That’s all for now!

– A

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