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There’s something about being totally immersed in a universe that’s absolutely amazing and hard to explain to anyone who doesn’t get it. When you’re inside the world of a great RPG it wraps you up and transports you completely. It’s more interactive than watching a movie and gives you infinitely more control than a video game.

At Shades of Vengeance we work hard to bring that kind of depth to our Era games. We’ve got comics, we’ve got stories, technical details and art. The Consortium is so full of great content it’s hard to imagine what more we could come up with. Problem solved.

LeoCVoices, an individual we met at MCM Comicon in May has developed a fan-made audio story about the Consortium! A little help from Ed has made it as near canon as something fan-made can be, so now you can sit back and listen to 14 minutes of pure awesome. Hardcastle’s Havoc gives us a vivid glimpse into the time shortly after Sean Hardcastle’s sentencing.

This is a creative retelling and does not follow exactly to the events in the rulebook. However, there is gun fighting, things are exploding and he sounds taller than I imagined. Do yourself a favor and check out this adaptation of one of the Consortium’s most notorious characters.

After having experienced this audio story, Ed and the team got to thinking. We liked it so much and there are so many possibilities to explore with this idea that we may just go out and do a few more. What do you think, would you like to hear “official” Consortium adventures on audio?

Before I leave you today I want to make sure everyone knows that the U.S. edition of the rulebook proof has been approved and it’s moving along to the final process. Also, our Secret War expansion is coming along fast and most of the stories are already done. Keep coming back to find out more details as I pick them up.

Until next time!

– A

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