Lyre-ing out to you!

Hi everyone!

I’m pretty happy right now – I sent out the digital version of the Lyres Deluxe rulebooks to Kickstarter backers yesterday and I’ve placed the order for the paperbacks for all non-US and non-Canada backers today! I’ve picked up a few extras for sale at conventions, but these books will not be available in stores for a while – so you’d better find us at one of our upcoming conventions if you want to see the Bestiary and the extra stories we used the extra time to create!

The US versions aren’t too far behind, but require a little bit of layout work before we make that order.

I have also had a delivery of Counting Down From One comics just yesterday, so that’ll be another new offering at Dragondaze and MCM October, our upcoming conventions!

I’m currently working very hard on four primary things:

  • Marked for Death Kickstarter (and rulebook editing) – if you haven’t checked this out yet, you should take a look. We’re well beyond funded, which is fantastic, and Sanchit did a Q&A the other day about the game (you can find a log of the IRC chat linked on the main Kickstarter page. I sat in on the chat and if you’ve ever wondered exactly what it is that Shades of Vengeance does on this type of project, that question was actually asked and you got the chance to see both his response and mine!
  • Era: Lyres – Yarnolth and the Surrounding Lands: A Traveller’s Guide – This fantastic little addon that we included in the last days of the Kickstarter gives you an idea of what the world around Yarnolth is like. It’s going out in Digital format to those Kickstarter backers who wanted it and, depending on timescales, I may be offering it in hard copy at MCM October!
  • Era: Lyres Comic – While I have no plans for this to be Physical, this digital-only comic is coming along nicely. We hope to deliver it soon.
  • Era: The Empowered Rulebook Primer – Most of you have already seen that we’re giving 110% to finishing the Era: The Empowered Primer in time for MCM Comicon. It’s going well but I still need to spend some more time on it, still, to get it to ready-for-you quality! I’m going to do my best to make sure it is done in time!

Of course, that doesn’t include the artwork and writing ongoing for Era: The Consortium expansions, the website upgrades which are still ongoing and the various other things that are going on for convention prep!

– Ed

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