Lyres Finished Kickstarter over 250% Funded

Making dreams come true has never been this much fun. The Era: Lyres Kickstarter finished up at 267% funded! We couldn’t be more pleased with the turn out for this game and the way that our collaborative effort with its backers has built the Lyres rulebook into something more comprehensive than when we first started.

As a thank you to all our great backers for their support, their hard work at passing along the Kickstarter information as well helping to contribute new ideas, Ed has decided to go above and beyond what we promised and give you all something extra. We’re going to boost the content of the rulebook to include more great Lyres stories as well as develop a bestiary to give you some kind of idea about the nasty baddies you could find in this universe. You believed in this game and we want to give you more than you were hoping to get with it.

Don’t forget that we’ve also got some add-ons. In the days ahead our backers will receive a survey and this is where you can choose which add-on you’d like. We’ll have; Era: The Consortium rulebooks, printed cloth maps of Yarnolth as well as a Travelers Guide to the area around our Lyre’s home town. We know that with everything you’re getting for this game you’re going to love it just as much as we do!

Moving on to convention news. We’re currently ramping up, gearing up and getting down to MCM convention time! Ed and his group of faithful playtesters have been locking themselves away for hours at a time to nail down game play specifics. You might not realize it but before you ever get a chance to play one of our games at a convention we’ve already gone through it many times before to make sure everything runs smoothly.

Last weekend, Ed’s group ran a practice session with our new Superheroes game and this coming weekend his group will practice the second Consortium session. They locked down all the loose edges on Era: Superheroes and it looks like this will be a fantastic introduction to the game. We’re going to have 7 characters available to play who might just end up meeting some of our more infamous figures in the Superheroes universe. We put in a great deal of time to make sure that when you play a game with us you’re experience is top notch!

So, now it’s time for my final bit of news for this week. I can confirm that Dice and Stuff will be bringing copies of Era: The Consortium Full Rulebook as well as the Primer to the Anime North convention! Head on over to their table at Anime North any day from May 22nd to 24th and you can pick up a copy. They will also be running games for anyone who would like to sit in and have some fun. Check out their Era: The Consortium game podcasts to see what Claymore unit is up to.

That’s it for this week!

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