Lyres Kickstarter, Consortium Proof and Lyres Final Version

Hi everyone!

As usual, I’ve been busy this week, but here’s a short summary of what I’ve been doing:

Era: Lyres Kickstarter

I’ve been focusing a lot of my time on the Era: Lyres Kickstarter.

It is going rather well right now – we’ve broken our first Stretch Goal, so all backers will get a Digital Map of the City of Yarnolth.

I’ve added a number of videos, including a highlight reel of the Dice and Stuff first session and 2 character creation videos to show you how it’s done.

I’ve included a few addons I’ve been asked for, including Era: The Consortium rulebooks not yet available on the Store and an opportunity to obtain a print-level quality version of the Map of Yarnolth or even a version printed on cloth and shipped to you!

Era: The Consortium Physical Proof

A long-awaited day has arrive for me: I have held the final version of Era: The Consortium’s rulebook in my hands.

The proof is not quite right – it needs a few modifications (due to printing limitations), so I’m not going to be posting images of it at this stage – forgive me for that – but it is a massive step forwards. This proof is the front end of the printing for the “standard” paperback edition of the Era: The Consortium Core Rulebook.

The first step towards being printed.

Era: Lyres Final Version

I have been working to complete the first version of Era: Lyres, because I’d like to be able to offer it at MCM Comicon in May.

It’s going well – the version is going to be slightly shorter than the final (“Deluxe”) version offered in the Kickstarter, but I believe it will give people what they want!


So, that’s most of what I’m doing right now… check back next week for another exciting installment!

– Ed

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