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Did you see us at Dragonmeet? I hope you took the opportunity to visit with us because we love meeting fans and running games with everyone who’s interested. The convention was a great time and Ed had a blast catching up with all our old and new friends. If you’re wondering where you can find us next, take a look at our dedicated Conventions page.

Besides having a great time and playing some sessions, Ed had a conversation at Dragonmeet that inspired him to create a brand new game! This time around, Ed will be working with Leo, our sound designer and Ed’s fellow expert on mythology. He will be working on a game based around the power of words. As a writer, I can’t tell you how geeked out that gets me, if I ask nicely maybe they’ll let me write one of their stories. Ed’s keeping pretty quiet about the details so that’s all he’s going to let us know for now.

So, now you know about our mysterious new game. It’s time for me to tell you about our “Makeover”. Era: Lyres is undergoing a facelift and a slight redesign. By popular demand we are creating a “pocket” version; handy for traveling adventures and light enough to pack on overland hikes. The new design with feature Quick Start rules that Ed created for this edition with the minimum amount of information that you need to play the game. All this will come in an attractive A5 format (or roughly 5 x 7 for our American friends). Big enough to get you into the game but small enough to take with you nearly everywhere! Look for that coming out soon.

More news coming at ya’ next week!


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