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It’s new story day! It’s new story day!

Excuse me while I pull myself down from the chandeliers. I love it when we get a chance to post one of our stories. Today is especially fabulous because this is a bit of a sneak peak into our deluxe edition. This is the only story we’re going to post online for everyone to see.

If you weren’t one of our backers on Kickstarter then you’re going to miss out on the rest of the special content. We love giving our supporters more than they expect and we’ve done it with nearly all our games this far. Next time we run a special Kickstarter event I hope you’ll jump in there with us.

So, slide your seat back and get comfy for a little slice of the Lyres universe. What does a Lyre do when a plan falls apart? Improvise!

Rabbits by Moonlight

– A

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