Era: The Empowered tabletop role-playing game

On Kickstarter Now: Tales of the Empowered 2!

Hi everyone!

For us, one of the most important things we do at Shades of Vengeance is enable you to bring your stories to life.

We do this quite a lot of ways; through Roleplaying Games which encourage storytelling, through the card games which encourage you to build your own stories, and through small projects like “What Happened to you on Gaia?“, which encourage you to build your story off what’s given!

Tales of the Empowered is a project we first ran 2 years ago for Make100 – a Kickstarter initiative that encourages creators to build 100 of something.

In this campaign, we offer the chance to bring your own superhero to life – you can get a story, artwork of your character and much more!

We love doing this, but we’ve got a lot of projects to do, so I’m not sure when this one will be back – it’s two years since the last one – so if you’d like to see your character come to life, don’t forget to check it out:

– Ed