Patreon is Getting a Boost – The Oracle

Have you tried Patreon? This system of continuing rewards and support helps creators to more consistently produce content, reach out to their fans and encourages communication between the developers and the players. We’ve been having a great time introducing our newest Patrons to everything we have to offer. If you wish, you can join us here:

This weekend is another Patreon release and Ed has decided to include a bonus for all Patreon backers; the Time Travel Campaign parts 2 and 3! Both of these campaigns will be available in Digital Format. We really want to show our appreciation for this support so Ed has plans to boost our Patreon collection. Backers can look forward to more bonuses over the next months as Ed increases our offerings on this platform. Thank you to everyone who supports our games; whether it’s through Patreon, Kickstarter, or any other venue. We quite literally couldn’t do all this without you!

In Consortium expansion news, the first draft of Revival is finished! The book is now in queue behind Definitive Edition which is undergoing its final proofreading pass and indexing. After Definitive Edition is through, Revival will start to receive its own editing and proofreading, we’re not long now! It’s been a long road and we’re happy that you’ve stuck with us through a longer-than-anticipated development cycle with this book. As most of you may have heard, Revival went from 60 pages to 150 pages in order for the writers to do the story true justice. We think you’ll enjoy this expanded material even more after all the hard work that’s gone into it.

Now that we’re approaching an end to this round of expansion games we’ll be speaking more about what’s next for the Consortium. You’ve already told us that the games you’re looking forward to most are Free Trader and New Worlds. Ed has heard you and plans to put those two at the front of the list for our second Consortium Expansions Kickstarter release. This is what happens when you tell us what you want, so keep that feedback coming, we love to hear from you!

I’m out for today but I’ll meet you back here next week to give you more Shades of Vengeance news!