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Last week I had the opportunity to show off a piece of art by our incomparable Keith Draws. The eagle eyed among you might have started to notice that the art of our Era: Empowered game is distinctly different from both Era: The Consortium and Era: Lyres. I assure you it’s not just the lack of futuristic technology or mobs of angry skeletons. This difference was entirely intentional.

Era: Empowered is a game set in the 90’s and we wanted everything about it to reflect that aspect of its universe. The stories incorporate elements of that time and the art is made to copy the animated series that you would have seen back then as well.

We have commissioned roughly 16 works of art (so far!) from Keith and I think he’s doing a fabulous job getting the feel right. What do you think? Does it remind you of those good old days?

Stop in next week for more news!

– A

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