Progress on Painting Consortium models and more…!

Hi everyone!

I’m back, it’s been a week since I did a general update!

Era: The Consortium Miniatures Update!

Today, I have something awesome to show you, from the workbench of the very talented Mr Simon Parr! He’s finished painting Awuuzia and Styxtirian, and I think they look fantastic. Check out the Main Image above… stunning, don’t you think?

He’s moved onto Steve Adams next, so expect to see some more before too long!

I have some great news on these in general as well… we’re working hard on a solution for producing them, and we expect to run a Kickstarter early next year where you will be able to get hold of your very own versions of Stiletto Unit and the various guard designs we’ve come up with for use in your RPG play.

There’s more in store for this as well, but I’m not quite ready to announce it yet… so watch this space…

Evil Overlord Production Underway

Everyone who backed the Kickstarter already knows this, but Evil Overlord’s print run is now underway after a few changes needed with the prototype box.

Nothing was too difficult, and we expect the decks for our largest number of physical Kickstarter rewards ever to be sent over to me before too much longer!

Era: The Chosen Kickstarter Coming Soon!

I’m working on the finishing touches to the Era: The Chosen Kickstarter, which we expect to launch in mid-August.

If you want to know more about our upcoming horror game, there’s nowhere on the internet better to find information than the dedicated Facebook group for this game:

This game will bring new mechanics and new challenges to gameplay in the Era universe. Along with bonuses and penalties relating to the experiences you have, you will have to defend the universe from invading aliens from another dimension…

I hope you have what it takes to be Chosen, for all our sakes!

New Releases!

We’re still in the process of releasing material on DriveThruRPG and on our Store, so don’t forget to keep an eye out for all of the new releases!

We kicked off last weekend with Free Trader in Digital and Paperback formats! Explore the Consortium and trade your way to success, if you can avoid pirates… or being “mistakenly identified” as one of them!

As always, there are limitless possibilities in Free Trader: while there are over 40 types of Cargo and over 30 space stations to trade it at, some cargo can only be obtained from “special” locations…

That’s all for today!

I will be back next week with some more news, so I’ll see you then!

– Ed