Progress On The Survival Expansions – The Oracle

Thank you to everyone who participated in our special one-week Kickstarter event for Era: Hitman. In only 7 days, over 150 fantastic people came together to help fund this game! After its successful Kickstarter run and development, Era: Hitman was delivered to all backers last week. Have fun playing this unique assassin-with-a-twist game and feel free to let us know what you think!

Now that we’re moving back to the world of Survival we’re going dim the office lights and lock all the doors, I suggest you do the same. Our survival horror game is returning in grand fashion with a stack of expansions! Right now, work is moving along well on the books and Ed is busy pinning down exactly what order he’s going to be putting the books out as Stretch Goals. Very soon we will be starting the process of getting the Kickstarter assets together so this event is coming right along.

The last thing I get to do today is one of my favorite things; show off artwork! Ed is letting us in on a special place, the Sea of No Return. This is one of the locations in the Aqua Sourcebook, one of our many Survival expansions. It’s certainly a cold and brooding place and I’m guessing nothing good happens near these dark waters.

Location - Sea of No Return

Enjoy this sneak peek into the world of Survival and I’ll see you next time!