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Brilliant job, well done and thank you to each and every one of our backers. Lyres has surpassed the first Stretch Goal! Now, all backers will receive a digital copy of the Map of Yarnolth; a must have for every successful Lyre. Our next Stretch Goal is additional stories added to the book. We’re working hard to make this game a truly unique experience.

Thunderclap! It sounds like a Mortal Kombat finishing move but in fact is a great way to spread the word about Era: Lyres. Thunderclap collects permission to post on sites like Facebook and Twitter, then at a prearranged date and time makes one widespread announcement on any of the social media sites that you’ve selected. Thanks to our backers for suggesting this to us. We need to reach 100 participating accounts before Thunderclap will work so please consider adding to our number.

Questions. Concerns. Wondering if this Thunderclap malarkey will take over your social media sites and post grumpy cat memes on your behalf?  Check out this FAQ.

We have had so many encouraging and informative messages from our backers that I wanted to share with you some of the great ideas we’ve been given. Each of these have helped to transform our Kickstarter into something more fabulous than it was in the beginning. Currently we’re considering adding player created characters to the profile of famous Lyres when we reach that Stretch Goal. It’s a chance to have your Lyre included in this universe!

We now have; the ability to add on to your reward with products such as the Era: The Consortium Core Rulebook, a travellers guide to Yarnolth and the surrounding lands, and a cloth version of the Map of Yarnolth. We also have 4 videos of Ed! In two, he explains character creation in detail, in the third a level up and finally a brief example of dice rolls in the system. If there’s anything else you guys would like to see, shoot us an email or reply back in the comments here.

There is one last thing I wanted to mention today. We all know what a great game this is and we want as many people as possible to know as well. So, Ed has been working cyberspace and telling everyone he finds about Era: Lyres. He recently had an interview with Geek Apocalypse and you can find it posted here. It’s a perfect way to get a little behind the scenes information from the driving force behind these great games.

Catch you later!

– A

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