#RPGaDay Challenge – Day Two

Hi everyone!

Today, you’ll find my answer to the #RPGaDay 2 not only right here, but also in various other places, as I was asked to answer this one for Angus Abranson!

#RPGaDay 2: What is an RPG you’d like to see published?

I would love to see an officially licensed Final Fantasy game. Final Fantasy is the defining game of a genre for me – it is the first game of its type that I played and it opened my eyes to a new kind of story, which I had never really encountered before.

Mechanically, each game in the series has had its own quirks and uniqueness and I think the ability to choose which version to play in any given campaign is a very appealing one!

Unfortunately, the copyright owner is very unlikely to license it, so it may be something that never happens!
Well, I’m actually working on the next best thing – I’m current working on a project which can’t be talked about too much, but should provide a little bit of what I’m talking about there, if you’re someone agreeing with me! Watch this space…

– Ed