#RPGaDAY2018 Day 31!

Hi everyone!

Welcome to the last of the #RPGaDay questions. I hope you’ve enjoyed these – they’ve certainly had some reaction from people!

Share why you take part in RPG-A-DAY.

I actually shared this on the first day, so I think it’s sort of appropriate we finish up with it as well.

I’m told people like to get some insight into how I create games and why. Part of that is what I talk about in panels at the various conventions we attend.

But part of that is giving insight into this sort of thing – development blogs, stories about how the books got made, where ideas came from and the playtest or game experiences I have had.

I find #RPGaDay a great chance to share those experiences – it always helps to have a prompt! – and I hope you also have found it interesting. We have a lot of laughs here, and many of them stay behind closed doors because they are about projects which aren’t known to the public yet. I’ve been pleased to share a few of those, as well as some idea of how I work, and why!

Thank you very much for following all the way through this #RPGaDay month, and I hope to see you next year! In the meantime, if you have any questions, feel free to ask, I’ll be more than happy to write an ad-hoc #RPGaDay-type question post!

– Ed