#RPGaDAY2018 Day 5!

Hi everyone!

Day 5 asked probably the easiest question this month (for me):
(What is your) Favourite recurring NPC?


Okay, I cheated a little, she began as a player character – my first one, as a matter of fact. Her backstory and character became a lot more refined when she became the Unit Commander for the second playtest group, Scimitar Unit, however.

Her tortured past as a volunteer test subject for an enhanced version of the Ximian Wonder Drug, her inability to stay away from the field, insisting on accompanying her unit into battle and her willingness to risk her own life for any other member of her team made her pretty unique among Resistance Unit Commanders.

As Era: The Consortium grew, we were able to tell more of her story – something I always relish doing, and she grew to become the kind of badass that everyone in Scimitar needed.

As the campaign progressed, and one of her people died saving her, her character grew even further. She even ended up having a cameo in quite a few different bits of Era: The Consortium content – from Dice and Stuff’s Claymore Unit podcast to appearances in various Expansions, she’s become a fast favourite of many.

– Ed