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Did you get a chance to play one of our games with Ed yesterday? If you’re a new fan joining us today, welcome! Thanks for stopping by and why don’t you sit yourself down and relax. If you love RPG’s then you’re in the right place.

Yesterday, Ed was running games at JoyJam in Bethnal Green. There were sessions of Era: The Consortium and Era: The Empowered. Along with our flagship games, Ed also got a chance to run his first ever public session for Order of the Link. It went great and I know everyone who took the chance to play a game loved it.

Now that you’ve gotten an opportunity to play one of our games, remember that you can head over to the store to pick up your own copy. We carry Era games as well as Rulebook Primers for Order of the Link and Amazing Space Adventures.

In Marked for Death news I can tell you that the Kickstarter is getting very close to launch. We’re only a few weeks off. While things are getting polished and perfected, Ed is busy using all his expertise to design a unique character sheet for this game. It’s well on the way to being a great experience and I can’t wait for you all to get a look at it! So, that’s it for today.

See you next week!

– A

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