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Do you want to play Era: The Empowered yourself? Now’s your chance! The Kickstarter has started and it’s now your chance to not only grab the game but all kinds of goodies we’re offering, from wallpapers to custom characters that Ed will create himself!

Ed will be doing a Q&A on the 26th October at the Chatrooms at 1:30pm CDT (7:30 BST)… if you want to know more about Era: The Empowered, what it is or where it is going, there’s no better place to go than there!

As if that’s not enough, I’ve got more brilliant news for you today: Ed has done it again! He’s come up with a great new item to bring to MCM Comicon.

Some of you may remember the session map that we created for Era: The Consortium. It’s a wonderful tool and we liked using it so much that Ed’s had one made for Era: The Empowered as well. The map will let you get a better handle on where you’re playing and help you get immersed in the world of the game.

We’re trying to rush production and hope to have it ready for use at MCM this weekend. You are coming right? We look forward to running this and all our other available games during the 3-day event so get your tickets, grab a friend and head over to see us at the Shades of Vengeance table (1440, slightly in from S8)! We’ll be waiting.

I’ll be back next week with more news.


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