Status Of The Consortium – The Oracle

It’s official, Home Base is now being proofread and we expect it to be finished soon! Thank you to everyone for your patience as we worked through this last batch of expansion books. We had a mountain of content to create and we hope you really enjoy the end results of all that hard work.

I don’t want to make it sound like it’s all hard work though. We’ve had a great time putting together each of these unique books and helping to fill out the Consortium universe. With so much added content it would be natural to wonder if we’re running out of places to go in the Consortium. Well, Ed has that fully under control and even now he’s deciding which expansions are going to come next!

We have plenty of room to continue exploring and developing the Consortium but until we reveal where we’re going next we’ll just have to marvel at all these fabulous painted models that are coming through.

That’s it for me, I’ll see you back here next week for some information on our upcoming horror RPG, Era: The Chosen.

See you then!