Survival gets the Finishing Touches – The Oracle

By now you’re probably aware that our fearless leader, Ed, is something of a workaholic. He’s never happier than when he’s got nine projects going and they demand his undivided attention. At least, that’s how it always seems to me but I’ll let you be the judge.

This last week, Ed was doing some touch up work on Survival in order to meet our “In print in 3 months” goal. To do that he spent the week; working with editors, working with artists, getting example stats sorted out, writing the Worked Example (which he tells me is a lot harder than it sounds), writing campaigns and touching up the last of the rules. He’s also made an agreement with a very special artist who is going to work on the cover art. Ed is going all out on this and I can’t wait to tell you more next week!

So, now you can decide. Is it just me or do you think Ed is a game developing overachiever?

See you next week!


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