The Big Eight for the first time! – The Oracle

Now that the Fifth Race is in the capable hands of Conan RPG editor Sally Christensen, Ed is taking the time to run both the Psionics and Rapier expansions through another round of intense editing.

I once read “Editing is where the magic happens”. I absolutely agree with that. The difference between a solid first draft and a well polished final product can be worlds apart. So, while Sally and Ed spend their hours delving into every grammatical crevice I’ve got something to entertain you.

As promised, here is an image from this latest expansion. The Big Eight in conference. Things look a bit tense for these heads of the biggest companies in the Consortium universe. I’m quite sure they’re trying to decide something important though we’ll have to wait for the book to find out what.


That’s all I have for today, be sure to come back next Saturday for more Consortium news!

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