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As you know, The Fifth Race is our second major expansion to the world of The Consortium. The details are done, the art is finished and the stories are all written. It won’t be long now until you can get your hands on a copy. However, because Ed wants to show you something you’ve never before seen with the Fifth Race we’ve decided to go into stealth mode. I’ve been given strict orders not to release a single image or give away any further hints about the game. It’s going to be rather difficult because I love spilling details but I’ll do my best until the Kickstarter launch.

Once The Fifth Race is firmly set into motion we’ll start talking more about the other expansions we have in mind. Psionics, Advanced Hacking and the Trader games are all in the proofreading queue behind the Fifth Race so they’re going to come out practically on top of one another. I’m excited to see the Consortium grow into something so huge and well developed. As our first game, it gets a lot of special attention, but we think it’s worth it.

Era: The Consortium has a special place for Ed because this really is his flagship game and the work of many long years come to life. For the rest of us, it’s been equally special because it brought together a crazy group of people who all believe in the power of stories, the magic of art and the wonder of playing a game that lets you leave reality and travel to amazing places. We’ve grown as a group and worked on quite a few other projects but it will always be Consortium that brought us together. Expanding the Consortium universe isn’t just about adding new playable layers to a rulebook; it’s about adding on rooms and levels to a house we all share. It’s become this great big collaboration of ideas and inspiration that keeps growing in fabulous ways and I hope you’ll continue to follow us because wherever we end up going, we’re sure to have fun on the way there!

More news for you coming up next time!

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