Traveller’s Guide, Lyres Kickstarter Fulfillment, Marked For Death, Empowered Artwork and more!

Hi everyone!

Only time for a brief update today, things are a little crazy! I’ve been working hard, as always.

The Traveller’s Guide to Yarnolth and the Surrounding Lands is almost completed now, then it needs a touch of editing, a little layout work  and it’ll be ready to come out to everyone who wanted it in Digital Format. This was a last-minute addition to the Kickstarter, so I’d like to thank everyone who supported it as an add-on. It includes a map of the lands around Yarnolth, along with a description of what each town and major area is like and what beasts can be found there!

The Lyres Kickstarter is edging ever closer to “Digital Reward Fulfillment”. Keith is just doing the last couple of fixes on the digital file and I think I’ll have that today to send out to everyone who backed the Kickstarter! The print version will, by necessity, be a few weeks behind, because it takes a little while to get through printer queues!

Marked For Death is going great, getting close to the Kickstarter now, I’ve just spent the last couple of days editing the video material that Sanchit (the creator) sent over to me… it’s looking pretty good. We’ll have to do Kickstarter approval, but I think you can expect this to begin quite soon now.

We’ve been working our backsides on Empowered artwork – I had 4 sketches from Keith just this morning. It’s shaping up to look absolutely brilliant, I really think you’ll like what we’re coming up with.

The Secret War, the first Expansion for Era: The Consortium is having the last few artwork touches put to it. I have a brand new artist on this, and I think it’s going to look great with Sophia’s very recognisable style for the Equipment and weaponry artwork backing it up. My aim is to make it look like these pages were just ones omitted from the original Rulebook (which happens to be true!), so it will look good sat next to your rulebook as well!

So, I’m fairly busy! Have a great day and thanks for reading.

– Ed

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