Welcome Back, Lyres Definitive Edition, Mobilisation and more!

Hi everyone!

Welcome to 2019! We’re back since our break and we have a huge amount to talk about today…

Firstly, we have launched two Make100 projects in the last two weeks:

Era: Lyres – Definitive Edition (https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/shadesofvengeance/make100-era-lyres-definitive-edition?ref=emf4oo)

Enter the world of Era: Lyres like never before with the Definitive Edition! Already Funded and past the first Stretch Goal, this book offers more Bestiary, new stories, a progression of the world and the wealth of GM Advice we’ve gathered since originally writing this book almost four years ago!

And, if you don’t have Era: Lyres yet but want to try it, you can get hold of the Pocket Edition for the Kickstarter special price of £2.

Mobilisation: The Bug War #3

The continuation of our epic Era: The Consortium saga has arrived on Kickstarter. In Mobilisation, the fleet has gathered to repel the inevitable attack by the Ximian forces that Liam discovered in the previous issue.

The crews are not happy, though… many would rather retreat than hold the line. First Officer Eric Hale of the Retribution is faced with a difficult choice in this comic.

And, of course, if you don’t have the previous issues, you can grab the whole series from this Kickstarter as well!


As if that’s not enough to be getting on with, we’re preparing for CON-Tingency, a convention in the UK, where we will be offering over 20 games across the 14 slots from 23rd-27th January. If you’re there, please feel free to sign up for one of our sessions!

That’s all from me for today, but there is loads more awesome news, so watch this space…

– Ed