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Things are coming along nicely in the world of the Consortium. Ed and the team ran Consortium games during MCM Comicon where they sold out of all rulebook copies and everyone there said they loved the game. If you got a chance to stop by; thanks for coming down and supporting us. If you didn’t; we’ve only just started the convention season and we’re planning to get to as many as possible so keep checking here to find out where you can meet us!

Rulebook news. As you know, the Hardcover edition was recently received by Ed and has now been approved! Once he receives the entire shipment he will be packing them up again and sending them all out to you wonderful backers. These special editions are really well done and I know you’re going to enjoy them! Take a look at Ed’s post from Friday to catch a glimpse.

Moving across the ocean. The U.S. version proof will be with our North American editor shortly where he will take a look at it for final approval before it too will be making its way to all our stateside backers. I can’t believe this is it! We’re getting so close to the end of this Kickstarter adventure that we started out on together. Thank you for joining us!

It makes me wonder where we’re going from here. I know I’ve mentioned before that we are thinking of ways to expand and add on to this great experience we’ve created with The Consortium universe. We’re not the only ones who want to forge ahead, we’ve also had loads of requests from fans and players. People want to see more of this world so Ed is tossing around the idea of creating some of those Stretch Goals we hadn’t quite achieved during the Kickstarter event. I don’t have any firm confirmation but I can tell you with reasonable authority that if you stick with us you’re going to see us develop more.

We can’t help it! We love games and we love The Consortium. I hope you’ll hang around with us after you’ve received your rulebook to find out what we come up with next.

Until next week!

– A

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