A History in Profiles: Setting Sun – The Oracle

Before the time of awakening, when all Vilithii lived under the direction of one being, life was simple: act in accordance with the knowledge that you were in the presence of a living god. One all-powerful being, consuming and draining the essence of lower lifeforms. This god was self-named, Vilithii, and in their devotion all followers took their name from it.

In this way a great civilization was built and with it a social hierarchy. Collectors who were at the bottom of the pyramid harvested nutrients and through self-sacrifice fed the great Vilithii god until it was the most dominant of all the species. In a world that was blinded by fear and devotion one Vilithii named Setting Sun saw through the façade of lies and torment.

Setting Sun realized their god was mortal, made from the same mind and material as each and every one of them. Without thought for what might happen next, Setting Sun put into action a plan that would strike down the tyrant and free them all from their single minded devotion. In one fell swoop Setting Sun changed their world, their history and their future.

They were free. They were a species without a god, without direction or motivation but they were free. For Setting Sun that freedom was welcome but for many others who lost power, status and faith that day… it was just the beginning of their nightmare.

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