A new look for the Consortium Subsite! – The Oracle

Today, I want to direct your attention to our totally refurbished and ultimately fabulous web design. Ed has been working day and night (in between all those other things he does) to get our new style up and running. You have to check out Era: The Consortium and its latest changes!

With a sleek new look and left side menu bar I think this compliments the game incredibly well. It adds a bit of futuristic flare and emphasizes the rich artwork of the game. Have you tried the small arrow at the bottom of the menu?

Ed will be making a few final upgrades to the page before we can call it finished but it looks great already. Stop over and check out what I’m talking about. We’ve got plans to redesign each of our web pages as time goes on so keep checking around and you might just notice a few more changes.

See you next week!

– A

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