Another Stiletto Unit Miniature – The Oracle

Today’s featured miniature is the Stiletto Unit medic, Dr. Curay. As a medical professional you might expect her to be a total non-combatant. However, the good doctor is a fierce fighter when push comes to shove and she’s required to help protect her team. She even put herself front and center during the unit’s mission to protect Gueya from an attempted assassination.

So, while she certainly doesn’t resort to violence as a first measure you can be sure that she’ll put her expert skills with thrown weapons like knives and grenades to good use in defense of the team! You can read more about Dr. Curay and all the other members of Stiletto unit in our Consortium rulebook as well as the comic The Last Stand of Stilleto Unit. Check them out here:

That wraps it up for me today. I’ll catch you back here next week for more updates on all our games and comics.

See you then!