ASA Physical Primers are being delivered! – The Oracle

We have just sent off orders for the Amazing Space Adventures Physical Primers and expect those to be delivered soon to all our backers who chose one. Check that you get yours.

With the delivery of this Physical Primer that completes the journey we started with Wayne Brown and his great project. Everyone here had a great time working with him and with Amazing Space Adventures. We will continue to carry the Primer in our store and, of course, we will offer them at conventions so you’ll still be seeing this game around. We wish Wayne all the best and continued success with Amazing Space Adventures!

Our other games are moving along steadily as well.

Marked for Death has decided to hire our very own Sofia Michailidou for their artwork. She was a great addition to the Era: Consortium team and we know she’s going to do great things for this project as well. You can find a sample of her work on the Era: Consortium Artwork page where she provided all the character art, and is the main artist for Era: Lyres. I will post new images as soon as I can get them.

Our last update this week is for Order of the Link. We’re currently working on the creation of a video that will be used in their Kickstarter campaign. You can expect to see some details by the game’s creator as well as some game art.

I’ll be getting more for you next week!


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