Can images get any better? – The Oracle

The answer is… yes they can. A few days ago I had the chance to show off our Empowered comic cover art and I think you’ll agree that it looks great. So, how could we possibly do better than dark and brooding in a midnight alley… how about this?

Ailoche Small

This is an image from Ed and John’s latest collaborative project, an Era: The Consortium expansion with the working title “Revival”. For anyone who might have forgotten, I’ll give you a bit of a Eulutian primer. Eulutian’s are an alien race who, in their natural form, display changes of skin color to communicate emotions. Their human-like body coverings still retain that same ability.

If you’ll notice carefully around the edges, our friend here is highlighted with cyan. Now, get out your handy Eulutian skin changing color wheel and follow along. Cyan means scared… really scared.

Then again, maybe you already guessed that from the terrified look in her eyes. The questions is… what’s she so afraid of?

More on this expansion coming soon!

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