Coming to MCM and Comic Kickstarter – The Oracle

Ed is pulling out all the stops for this year’s MCM Comicon in London! He’s going to bring along all of our games and give you the opportunity to try out sessions of your favorites. He is also planning to give away some free stuff during the event so be sure you stop by early before it’s all gone! The team is always ready to answer your questions or take you along for a test run of one of our fabulous games so don’t be shy and come say hello.

For anyone who didn’t get a chance to join in on our last kickstarter you’ll be happy to hear that MCM is the public launch of Era: Survival. Ed will have loads of information and content for anyone who’s curious to know how to survive the Infected apocalypse.

In rewards news; Survival Kickstarter rewards have been heading out to backers all this past week. Ed has told me that all of the paperbacks and hardcovers for Europe are complete as well as all the physical cards and digital rewards. The U.S. proof has made it’s way to my doorstep and I had a chance this week to look it over. I can tell you that it is fantastic! The layout is crisp, the content is tight and all the images absolutely make this a top notch game. It won’t be long until all of the rewards are handed out and we can call this Kickstarter another successful endeavor.

Time doesn’t slow down around here and even though we’re winding down on one project we’re just starting up with another. Our first Era: The Empowered comic has hit Kickstarter! This is the story of Chris “Lacuna” Jameson and his path to finding out what kind of hero he will be. Ed has many more comic stories lined up to help fill out the Empowered universe and we hope that you’ll stop by and check out these indie comics.

We’ve got loads of options for rewards including artwork postcards, bonus material, physical copies and even the opportunity to get your face or the face of someone you choose drawn into the background of the comic!

Back with more updates next time!

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