Consortium Expansion Spotlight: Company Registration Handbook – The Oracle

In the Consortium, companies like Hayden Bank rule the world… literally. If you don’t own a major corporation there’s not much chance of you reaching the top of the social ladder. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get you started on your very own big business venture!

The Company Registration Handbook will give you the ins and outs of everything you need to know in order to build, run, and succeed in your own company within the Consortium. This expansion will follow the group of explorers from our New World book and will reveal the end to their story. It is being written by the same two creative minds who first brought you New World; Darren Watts and Ed Jowett. Along with writing for The Consortium, Darren has also written for the Conan RPG and several others. We’re excited to see what this team creates!

Whether you fancy yourself a tech-giant bringing marvelous new inventions into the world, or a transit hauler moving products from one end of space to another, there is plenty of room for your business idea in the Consortium. With the right amount of determination and a bit of luck you may just find yourself becoming a powerful player in the Senate!

Meet me back here next week where I’ll give you a run down of our current projects and another Consortium Expansion Spotlight!