Join Us At The AetherCon Event In November – The Oracle

There has never been a better time to join Shades of Vengeance at a convention! This online event is free to attend and easy to participate. The games are run using Google Hangout and/or Roll20 so it’s perfectly situated for remote players.

If you’ve never had a chance to play one of our sessions hosted by game creator Ed Jowett, this is a great opportunity. What better way to experience a new game than through the eyes of the one who developed it! We are hosting three events at AetherCon this year and I know you’ll find at least one that you’re going to love. Check out the schedule of our RPG sessions to find just the right game for you.

  • Friday November 10 at 7pm GMT/ 2pm EST, “A Tale of Three Taverns”
    • Join Ed Jowett as he introduces you to the fabulous city of Yarnolth where the heroes are just as questionable as their adventures. You will join with other pseudo-adventurers as you attempt to convince the townspeople of your heroic deeds… and try to earn a little cash in the process!
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  • Saturday November 11 at 2pm GMT/ 9am EST, Face the Red Devil
    • Lukasz, one of our fabulous GMs, will be bringing you a session from our Era: The Empowered RPG. You’ve seen the primer, you’ve read the comics, now you get to experience what life is like trying to save the world with your own set of unique powers. With a villain named “Red Devil” I’m guessing that this session isn’t going to be your average criminal caper.
  • Sunday November 11 at 2pm GMT/ 9am EST, The Last Stand of Stiletto Unit
    • Ed will be back again to run the Consortium’s most critically-acclaimed session. If you’ve never had a chance to experience one of our games, this is the one you should put at the top of your to-play list! The fate of 14 billion lives rest on your shoulders. Do you have what it takes to stop the Consortium’s monstrous plot before it’s too late?

Log in at the AetherCon links to register for these events today and save your spot for these fantastic games. Space is limited so don’t wait!

That’s it for today, meet me back here on Saturday where we explore the next Consortium Expansion book and talk all about creating your own company.